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Crown City Developers (Pvt)Ltd

The company offers extensive warehousing, container yard and transport/distribution services. Located merely 7 km from the Bandaranaike International Airport and 27 km from the Colombo Port, the Crown City Developers (Pvt) Ltd's warehouse complex is possibly one of the most advanced and self-sustained warehousing/logistics complexes in the country. Apart from the spacious expanse for storage, loading bays are angled for easy access and maneuverability. The company uses Electrical Material Handling Equipment, for operational versatility and zero emission requirements within enclosed premises. This multi-purpose warehouse facility is highly eco-friendly as it uses rainwater harvesting for its own sustenance. Equipped with its own eco-friendly wastewater treatment plant and over 450,000 liters of sump capacity, not a drop of water is wasted.

The latest addition, the Container Depot, has already attracted globally recognized carriers to store their containers here. The company plans to offer value-added services such as repairs, rigging and other services to become a truly diversified yard operator.

The company's fleet of Prime Movers equipped with 20' and 40' trailers supported by over 65 trucks of various sizes is capable of catering to demands of any discerning customers. In line with lessening its carbon footprint, the company is currently advocating the reverse logistics option to customers. All company trucks are monitored through GPS tracking to enhance the safety of goods and optimize route planning.

Crown City Developers
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