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The flagship company of the group, Abans PLC was incorporated in 1981 and forms the vital trading arm of the Abans Group of Companies. Its extensive product portfolio comprises of globally trusted brands of electronics and home appliances, mobiles and smartphones, security surveillance systems, IT and communication equipment, and sanitary ware and a host of other household items that add convenience to people's lives. The Abans brand has come to be synonymous with reliability and high quality, making it one of the best-loved brands in the country.

Abans PLC possesses an islandwide reach with a network of over 400 showrooms, as well as over 15 Elite showrooms (which offer the entire product line) in strategic locations around Sri Lanka. The company offers round the clock assistance to customers. The company's main showroom is located conveniently in the heart of Colombo. Currently, over 400 authorized dealers represent the company islandwide, bringing various innovative products within the reach of every family and household in the country. All products sold by Abans carry a trusted guarantee of quality and reliable after sales service. Abans Duty Free Shops in the Arrival & Departure Terminals of Colombo's Bandaranaike International Airport are the largest, most popular sales outlets for internationally renowned and globally acclaimed brands of home and household appliances. The company remains the preferred choice as a partner for global brands looking to break into the Sri Lankan market. The company has already commenced the manufacture of refrigerators and intends to add televisions and washing machines in its product list soon. Personalized and professional customer service lies at the heart of Abans PLC's success.

All products sold by Abans carry a trusted guarantee of quality and reliable after sales service.


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