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ADD Outdoor (Pvt) Ltd
Maximizing Outdoor Impact

ADD Outdoor (Pvt) Ltd
Maximizing Outdoor Impact

Add Outdoor Advertising (Pvt) Limited was incorporated with the goal of beautifying Colombo city areas and increasing visual awareness of top brands via outdoor advertising in prominent locations in Colombo. Our dedicated outdoor teams are experts in landscaping roundabouts and centre islands to beautify the city, bring prominence to the image of top brands and increase top-of-the-mind recall in customers’ minds, where they are visible 365 days of the year. We also provide all kinds of construction, repairing, landscaping and outdoor advertising services for clients as well.

Hoarding Printing

Flex Printing

Roundabout Landscaping

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Galle Road 00300 Colombo,
Sri Lanka

0112 565 294

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