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Zero Electricity Bills with Abans Solar – The Path To A Greener Future

19 May 2024

In a world plagued by pollution and energy shortages, harnessing just one percent of the sun’s radiance can be the solution to these global challenges. Imagine this potential fully realized in a sundrenched paradise like Sri Lanka, where solar power emerges as a beacon of hope amid rising energy costs.
When selecting a service provider, choose wisely by opting for a financially stable and reliable company. Look for a business with a long-standing market presence, a proven track record, and the ability to provide consistent after-sales service.
Abans stands out among the few champions of this cause. Since 1968, Abans has been a symbol of excellence, with over 50 years of trusted service. With a vast network of 400+ showrooms and service centers across
Sri Lanka, Abans is deeply embedded in the lives of Sri Lankans. As part of the Abans Group, a conglomerate with over 30 companies, Abans Solar leads the change towards eco-friendly energy solutions with dependable solar power systems.
Abans Solar caters to the diverse energy needs of both homes and businesses in Sri Lanka. Certified by the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, Abans Solar offers a 25-year performance warranty on its products and services, instilling confidence in its offerings.
The renewable nature of solar power and its low maintenance not only enhance property value but also have the potential to eliminate electricity bills. Excess energy can be exported back to the grid, earning consumers Rs 37 per unit, subject to annual review.
For those struggling with tariff hikes, Abans offers on-grid solar power systems. These systems not only protect users from rising costs but also provide 100% free electricity, backed by a 25-year performance warranty, free insurance, and two servicing sessions.
Abans is offering a special giveaway this month, with every purchase of an Abans solar system over 5kw will receive a free air conditioner and a free instant water heater with every purchase of a 3kw solar system.
Abans Solar power systems feature cutting-edge technology from acclaimed brands like JinkoSolar, JA Solar, Solis, Growatt and Deye. The commitment extends beyond the purchase, with 24/7 after-sales service ensuring seamless operation.

Article Name:Zero Electricity Bills With Abans Solar – The Path To A Greener Future
Publication:Sunday Times (Sri Lanka)


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