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Colombo City Centre unveils unique ‘I Love Colombo’ campaign

29 October 2021

The Colombo City Centre brings you the chance to enjoy an elevated experience with the ‘I Love Colombo’ campaign, dedicated towards introducing new and unique elements to Colombo City Centre for the enjoyment of all shoppers and as a value addition for tourists visiting Sri Lanka.

Being at the heart of the commercial capital, Colombo City Centre embarked on a new journey to enhance the Colombo experience. A new signage featuring ‘I Love CMB’ was recently unveiled on Muttiah Road, as an eye-catching landmark signifying the location of Colombo. Inspired by similar signages across the world, like the ‘I Love Amsterdam’ and ‘I Love NY’ signages, this unique icon can be used to capture amazing photos with friends and family as well as create lasting memories, whether you’re a local or a tourist.

An interesting history lies behind these significant signages. The ‘I Love NY’ logo was initially created as a part of an advertising campaign that aimed to boost tourism and attract more visitors to the city of New York, by displaying large signages with their signature icon in prominent locations, along with merchandise that visitors could purchase as mementos of their trip to New York. Many other countries quickly caught on the trend, and now several countries such as Malaysia, Netherlands, France, and India feature similar signages as tourist attractions and photo sites.

Visitors to Colombo City Centre are warmly invited to come witness the uniqueness of the ‘I LOVE CMB’ signage and create wonderful memories by capturing photos with this iconic design. Adding onto the list of first ever structures in Colombo and Sri Lanka, it is a must-see attraction for everyone who travels around the commercial capital.

A new signage can also be found at the main entrance of Colombo City Centre, thereby making it extremely easy for shoppers to locate and identify the building, especially for visitors who are travelling from areas out of Colombo. Another unique addition to the list of landmarks is a signage featuring two hands that signify ‘I Love Colombo’ in a distinctive yet easily understandable design. Lit by neon lights and located where visitors enter the Mall via the Ground Floor, this is the perfect backdrop for those amazing selfies or photos with your loved ones which are sure to last a lifetime.

Visitors can also make full use of the new and improved concierge desk, conveniently located on the Ground Floor, near the entrance of the Mall. Dedicated towards providing the best customer experience in Colombo for every single shopper, this is your go-to place for all customer enquiries and services.

A few vintage cars will be displayed inside the Mall at Colombo City Centre, which has been inaugurated with the exhibition of an Austin 7. This car was first introduced in 1922, as a representation of freedom on the open road, where you could go to places that weren’t accessible via public transport. The mastermind behind this car, Herbert Austin, established his own Austin motor company and brought about the birth of the Austin 7 as a car that was small yet affordable for the middle and professional classes.

The Austin 7 went through many modifications and later achieved great popularity not only in Britain, but also in Germany, France, Japan and America. The Austin 7 also served a stint as a racing car, paving the way for success in many inaugural motor races of the past. Visitors are invited to come check out these amazing relics of the past at Colombo City Centre and take a trip down memory lane.

All details of the ‘I Love Colombo’ campaign can be found on the Colombo City Centre Facebook and Instagram pages, where constant updates are shared along with the opportunity to win valuable CCC gift vouchers.

Colombo City Centre is always committed towards providing the safest environment for visitors to shop, dine and enjoy world-class entertainment. Featuring a carefully curated selection of retail stores for apparel, watches, footwear, accessories and electronics, along with entertainment options like bowling and a gaming arcade; plus a plethora of food and beverage outlets catering to a wide variety of taste buds with world-class restaurants providing the best of local and global cuisine; the best selection of ice cream under one roof with Isle of Gelato, Roots Gelato, Il Gelato, Cargills Magic and Häagen-Dazs; and the unique gourmet supermarket Cargills Food Hall, Colombo City Centre is your one-stop shopping, dining and entertainment hub to have the time of your life with family and friends. Stay tuned for more excitement and fun coming up soon, for an enhanced visitor experience at Colombo City Centre.


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