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Christmas Stories at Cleantech

3 January 2022

Christmas is a time for joy and giving and we at Cleantech celebrate this season in the spirit of sustainability! Our goal is to make our city a beautiful and healthy environment where society can enjoy life to their fullest. We engage in the collection and recycling of waste, upcycling whenever possible. This type of business has instilled a strong sense of environmental love and care in our workforce, resulting in changes not only from a business point of view, but from each and every household of our amazing workforce. This Christmas, the Cleantech family truly showcased their creativity, utilising waste material to create beautiful and innovative Christmas decorations to celebrate the season in a waste free manner.

Our colleagues have utilised a wide variety of waste products such as plastic straws/bottles/containers, aluminium cans, shredded newspapers, coconut husks, discarded light strands, etc. to spread the cheer of Christmas and the joys of recycling. Completely sustainable nativity cribs made from egg cartons and waste cardboard were built & displayed in numerous depots alongside a complete Christmas tree made from recycled plastics collected in December. Lanterns made from discarded plastic cups brought festive colours to our workplace. The time of joy and giving is upon us, we at Cleantech celebrate the season in the spirit of care and sustainability!


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