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Avoid Counterfeit Products Buy Original JBL Portables from Abans

26 May 2024

Check before you buy JBL, the market is flooded with counterfeit products, including JBL speakers. Avoid buying fakes, always verify the authenticity of your purchase.
Genuine JBL packaging is high quality, designed to prevent tampering and mishandling. Authentic boxes are made from high-quality hard cardboard without a sleeve, featuring superior print quality, detailed textured printing, a serial number, bar code stickers, fine brand print, and compliance icons. Inside, the flap shows clear lifestyle imagery and brand details. Counterfeit boxes, however, have a sleeve cover and lack these detailed features.
Authentic JBL portables have a flushed power button and an embedded JBL logo on the grill. Counterfeit speakers have a protruding power button and a logo on the grill. The JBL name is engraved on the rubber flap of genuine portables. The authentic packaging includes a flat power cable with plastic shrink wrap, while counterfeit ones have a tied round cable. Genuine JBL portables offer waterproofing, a power bank mode for charging devices, longer battery life, and superior sound quality and bass. Counterfeit products lack these features and are of inferior quality, often breaking down quickly and lacking warranties, which increases the risk of hazards and dangerous explosions.
Genuine JBL products are available at Abans Elite and Abans showrooms island wide, with easy payment plans and a comprehensive 1 year warranty. For more details, call 0112 222 888.


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