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Abans promotes Italian multifunction Elba cooking appliances with in-built safety devices

4 January 2022
Elba products have graced kitchens all over the world with its range of free-standing cookers, built-in ovens, hobs and hoods. Crafted by the finest of Italy’s artisans and dating back to a rich history that began in 1950, these products are the epitome of elegance, functionality and versatility. Combining skill, experience, expertise, attention to detail and excellence, Elba encompasses unmatched quality and long-lasting durability spanning many generations.As Elba values high safety, every free-standing cooker is outfitted with a progressive safety device that shuts-off the cooker in case of accidental gas leakages, which in turn prevents fire from occurring in the kitchen. Other revolutionary features include the circulating fan that provides even heat distribution within the oven, and cast-iron supports, which withstand corrosion and keep the pan or pot steady as your food is being cooked. These cookers are easy-to-use and the safety features ensure that you remain protected at all times that you use an Elba appliance.

Elba appliances offer a wide range of options in cookers and hobs from electric only, gas only, and electric and gas combined, vitroceramic or induction, and finishing like satin, stainless steel, red, white and black. Therefore, whatever your requirements may be in your kitchen, you can find the right product that fits your needs with Elba. The newly introduced 90cm Elba Cooker range is larger in size, and offers more selections in terms of versatile functions and features that range from attractive colours, stainless steel elements, auto ignition and a multifunction oven. Matching cooker hoods prevent smoke from spreading around the kitchen and house, and keeps odours away while you’re in the kitchen, and cleaning the hood is a simple process due to the simplistic design.

Purchasing an Elba appliance means, you not only attain a product famed for its unbeatable quality, sleek designs, functionality and versatility, but also become part of the renowned Italian cultural heritage that promises to deliver only the best, from Italy with love, to your kitchen.

Elba kitchen appliances are available exclusively at Abans showrooms island-wide and with a trusted warranty and excellent after sales services.


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