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Abans organises clean-up at Wellawatte beach

8 June 2024

Abans, in partnership with Cleantech, organised a beach clean-up event at the Wellawatte beach recently, in commemoration of the World Environment Day.

Themed ‘Extending Loyalty to the Environment’, the project is a demonstration of the organisation’s commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility. This initiative brought together Myabans Loyalty members, employees, local community members, university students and environmental enthusiasts in a concerted effort to restore and preserve the natural beauty of one of Colombo’s most frequented, thus unfortunately, heavily littered coastal areas.

In an era where many iconic natural attractions in Sri Lanka are at stake, Abans organised the beach clean-up without haste, as a testament to its ongoing dedication to sustainability and its proactive approach to addressing environmental issues. As a company that places significant importance on social responsibility, Abans is known for inspiring both corporate entities and the people of Sri Lanka to take active roles in protecting and conserving the environment.

The event attracted over 200 enthusiastic volunteers to the Wellawatte beach. Armed with gloves, bags and other cleaning equipment provided by the company, volunteers diligently collected plastic waste, debris and other pollutants that marred the beach’s pristine condition.

Free refreshments and complimentary merch were given to all participants as tokens of appreciation. The initiative was not only focused on cleaning but also on educating participants about the adverse effects of pollution on marine life and the importance of maintaining clean coastal areas.

Corporate responsibility extends beyond business operations to include actions that positively impact the environment and community. Most corporate entities wield power to create a massive social impact through their actions. Abans, a premier retailer of consumer durables, electronics and lifestyle products in Sri Lanka, has utilised its reputation to spearhead a great environmental initiative that helps take a step towards fostering a culture of environmental consciousness. Making a difference always starts from leading by example and Abans’ continuous CSR efforts are doing exactly that.

The Wellawatte beach clean-up resulted in the collection of several bags of waste, significantly improving the cleanliness of the shoreline.


Article Name:Abans organises clean-up at Wellawatte beach

Publication:Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka)


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