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Abans LG, perfect innovative solution for your home

20 October 2017

LG has always made life good for consumers across the globe. LG Home Appliances and Electronics are prudently devised with the aim of protecting our health, improving our home environment, and preserving Earth’s ecosystems.

Abans has enjoyed a close partnership with LG for over 30 years as its exclusive authorized distributor in Sri Lanka. Through its extensive network of over 400 showrooms and certified dealers across the island, Abans has always striven to bring LG’s latest innovations to every Sri Lankan home; so that all local homeowners can experience the incredible convenience that LG has to offer them.

The primary crux of LG’s philosophy is to help homeowners make their everyday living simpler and efficient by developing products, which reflect the brand’s ingenuity in design and innovation in technology.

Hence, each LG product demonstrates the following key attributes: energy-efficiency, cutting-edge solutions, and health consciousness.

As part of the brand’s green product strategy, LG has strongly reinforced its commitment towards conserving the environment by constructing products with energy-efficient features.

This includes the LG Dual Cool Air Conditioner which uses a Dual Inverter Compressor to scale down your energy output up to 60% and alleviate the cost of your electricity bills, while you enjoy faster cooling comfort up to 40%.

LG has consistently made breathtaking advancements in technology through its various product offerings. One stunning example is LG OLED and UHD TVs that deliver spectacular visual clarity in 4K ULTRA HD, which produces up to 4 times the resolution of Full HD for sharper imagery and more vivid colours. Thus, you can enjoy the ultimate viewing experience in the comfort of your own home. Plus, the recently released LG G6 smartphone is a progressive upgrade on the conventional smartphone experience. Amongst its many features including an IP68 Water and Dust Resistant casing, and 125? wide-angle Dual Lens camera, the LG G6 comprises of a special ESS-designed 32-bit DAC system that offers enhanced quality and balance in sound.

Further, the other striking trait of the LG brand is its predominant focus on safeguarding the health of homeowners across the globe. That is why LG has designed its home appliances and electronics with characteristics that foster a safer and healthier home domain.


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