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Abans Introduces LG Multi V™ i Commercial Air Conditioners. Ideal for Hotels, Apartments, Offices

28 April 2024

LG introduced a groundbreaking advancement in HVAC technology— the Multi V™ i, in collaboration with Abans Central Air Conditioning Department. This state-of-the-art Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system represents a fusion of advanced engineering and intelligent AI integration, poised to redefine heating, ventilation, and air conditioning standards.
Imagine a system that not only efficiently cools or heats your space but also adapts seamlessly to its unique requirements. The LG Multi V™ i introduces a new era of HVAC management with its cutting-edge AI engine, promising a simpler, smarter, and more sustainable future.
The Multi V™ i’s AI Smart Care is at the heart of its efficiency, learning from its environment through spatial and situational awareness. It dynamically optimizes its operations, adjusting cooling/heating power based on occupancy levels, humidity, and ambient temperatures, achieving remarkable energy savings of up to 24.7%.
But the innovation doesn’t end there. The Multi V™ i’s AI Indoor Space Care elevates comfort and efficiency by intelligently managing indoor units, activating units in occupied areas and conserving energy in unoccupied zones, ensuring a balanced environment without unnecessary energy expenditure.
Moreover, with AI Energy Management, users gain unprecedented control over energy consumption, setting specific targets to reduce overall power usage, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.
This marks the inaugural launch in South Asian countries following the successful launch in Singapore, with LG partners from South Asian nations actively participating. The event drew over two hundred attendees, including HVAC consultants, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, facility managers, maintenance engineers, and business owners. The programme was rich with enlightening presentations and engaging entertainment activities to captivate the audience. As a highlight, a lucky participant won a 43-inch LG TV in the raffle draw.



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