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Abans introduces commercial equipment for large-scale industries

19 July 2023

Abans now offers reliable and an extensive selection of commercial equipment with an iron-clad guarantee perfect for use in large-scale industries including supermarkets, hotel kitchens, restaurants, bars, and sanitary and laundry facilities.

Abans, a company with over 50 years of experience providing electric and home appliances, offers commercial appliances with a reliable warranty.

These products are manufactured to meet high international standards and are designed to provide long-term superior performance.

Abans presents a selection of water coolers featuring various sizes of stainless-steel tanks, body, and faucets. These coolers are easy to clean and have different faucets to suit your specific needs.

Abans offers an array of commercial electric fryers that are perfect for large-scale kitchens. These fryers are designed to ensure hygienic frying while providing maximum convenience to the users.

Abans provides user-friendly electric deep fryers that make frying food items hassle-free. Their commercial food mixers come with powerful motors and stainless-steel bowls, allowing for easy mass-scale beating of eggs and cream.

Abans provides a selection of gas burners, with varying numbers of burners, including single, double, four, and six, that are ideal for cooking in bulk.

Additionally, they offer a variety of water boilers constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, available in both manual and automatic fill options. Food processors available at Abans operate smoothly and quietly, making them ideal for preparing vegetables.

Abans has a variety of products available for keeping food and beverages warm. Soup warming kettles made of stainless steel are highly versatile and can be utilized for various other purposes. The high-quality commercial gas rice steamers are suitable for steaming rice, bread, buns, and meat products. These rice steamers make it possible to cook 40 kg of rice at once. They can also be used to disinfect multi-use tableware.

Abans offers stainless steel meat mincers with removable parts for easy cleaning. Pop-up toasters come with industrial heating plates that are easily replaced and can toast up to 4 to 6 slices at once. For larger quantities, the conveyor toaster can toast up to 300 slices per hour.

Abans also offers water boilers in different capacities, ranging from 10 liters to 40 L in 304 stainless-steel, with manual and auto water filling features, and adjustable heating and dry protection devices for large-scale water boiling.

Abans’ commercial equipment range could be views at stall number 106 during the Hotel Show exhibition at BMICH from July 21 to 23.


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